Monday, March 18, 2013


34, Early, 4, Peach polychrome, Dormant, Diploid. 3 way branching, 34 buds, VFrag
(Ace Up My Sleeve * Army of Darkness)

This just shows the variation in color one cross can have. Half of the six seedlings were yellow, one white, one green, and one peach. However, I stray off topic. This has 16 buds and 4 way branching. Also, the scapes have brackets when growing which are distinctly light purple and match the flowers color perfectly. This one is a definite future. It has good bud count, it is fairly tall, very good increaser and doesn't melt on hot days. However it does fade on extremely hot days. I would also like to point out the nice white midribs in the flower. They aren't too prominent, but I enjoy the little highlight that it gives. Quite stunning. *UPDATE 7/3/14* Here's the giant clump of it, not moved since planting, in my seedling bed:
And here is a seedling from it, AR09MH.16 x AR09MH.33
Not as melon-yellow as shown in this photo, and the white midribs are more prominent. Very prim and proper, and the bagel form is attractive. It fades throughout the day like AR09MH.33 does but not in a bad way either. I'm not going to pay attention to the bud count and such because this is the first year that it bloomed.

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