Monday, July 8, 2013


17, Mid, 6, Pink-Peach mix w/ orange throat, Dormant, Diploid, Fragrant, 2-way branching
(Sugar Candy * Sundays with Vernon)
When I made this cross, I aimed for a large flower with short scapes and good increase. I had no idea what an amazing color I would get. I can not even describe it. It appears to be glowing. It's amazing! Unfortunately, my attitude is not as enthusiastic towards the plant habit. A mere six buds is not that impressive, and I've seen faster increase. However, the short scapes and few buds make me feel optimistic that it will look wonderful in a clump. I'll have to see. A bridge plant. Maybe I'll cross it with AR09MH.25 to get some rebloom genes in it.
In 2014, the performance was terrible. The plant habit was just as weak as in 2013, but the blooms were terrible as well. Most were deformed in some sort of way and if not, the color was faded upon opening. I hope it does better next year.