Sunday, June 21, 2015


18", EE, 4", LightYellow with PeachOverlay, ?, diploid, 3 way branching, 13 buds
(AR09MH.16 * AR09MH.33) ---> ((A Small Multitude * Swiss Diplomat) * AR09MH.33)
A light yellow extra early! It first bloomed June 16th this year (normally some earlies would have started blooming at this time, but because of the extreme winter we've had here in New England, things are pushed back about two weeks). Both parents are early, so I'm not surprised by its bloom season. If it was only an early, I probably would not have kept it because the flower isn't too special and the bud count is kind of low. Two aspects of the flower that I like, however, are the delicate ruffles that it has and a peach overlay, which I have tried to capture on camera, but sadly my efforts have been fruitless. I'm planning on crossing it with colorful things this year to hopefully achieve extra earlies in other colors than yellow. I anticipate that the F1 generation of these crosses will be muddy and probably won't be extra earlies, but that's why hybridizers must not be so rash when selecting seedlings: an F1 that doesn't have all the qualities you desire could be the key to the "dream" garden plant when used in breeding.