Monday, June 10, 2013

Getting ready for blooms...

Well first off, scapes are coming out everywhere! I've counted about 17 scapes on plants I have never seen bloom before! This is the time of year where I update all of my seedling bed charts, and unfortunately I suffered some fatalities. It's okay though because I didn't think They were going to make it anyway. I felt insane standing out in the garden with my red raincoat on and a sopping wet piece of paper in my hands:
Also, I missed the first bloom of the season (Saturday the 8th) which belonged to AR09MH.13. I'll always have this stunning photo to remember it by:
I felt so amateur the other day when I thought that one of my late-blooming seedlings suddenly had thrown up scapes a moth and a half earlier. Turns out it was fulva, which still hasn't bloomed in the garden. I should be seeing more blooms later this week.