Wednesday, August 6, 2014


30'' EM 4'' SalmonPink with Yellow to Green Throat Dor Dip 2 Branches 10 Buds
(Sugar Candy * Helicopter)

Not very excited about the branching and bud count but the scapes are very slender and graceful. However, they're almost too slender and they bend mildly when flowering. I'll see how it performs next year in terms of scape bending. In 2014 there were 6 pods on one scape and it bent terribly and, alas, I forgot what it looked like with just a blossom open and no pods. Love the color and it is heavily diamond dusted. Fast increase and good foliage. Has the delicateness of a wedding.

Highlighted in this photo is the light yellow halo that surrounds the throat. If you click to see the full photo, you'll also see the diamond dusting.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


32'', M, 4.5'', orange polychrome w/ lighter midribs, Tet, 3 branches, 10 buds
(Tangerine Horses * Forestlake Ragamuffin)

The standout of this cross. The bud count is lower than I would like, but it preforms well compared to the other pathetic, washed, poor opening seedlings of this cross. It really does glow, and can be spotted from across the garden. More ruffling than teeth, but I crossed it with 'Vampire Fish' a couple of days ago and the pollen took! Has great potential for my still-small tetraploid teeth program. Although I realize that I'll never achieve any ''breakthroughs," I would rather create my own plants with teeth than pay the outrageous prices that daylilies with teeth have.

2014 was the 2nd year it bloomed, and look at the teeth! They're nowhere close to the teeth coming out of Ohio, but it certainly is a start. In my mind, there is a such thing as too much teeth, and some dayliles could certainly use a less. The plant also increased and looked wonderful in a small clump.

Below is a photo taken at around 6:20 in the evening. You can see that the color has faded. I don't see this as a flaw. It still looks wonderful and tones of pink are now more visible. 
Here it glows on an overcast morning: 
Here's another. Notice the teeth to the left:


23'', EM, 3'', bright cherry red w/ tones of wine, dorm, Dip, 2 branches, 7 buds, frag, diurnal
(Sugar Candy * Vanilla Gorilla)

This is the first year that this seedling bloomed. I'm very excited about it because it shows promise for the beginnings of a red program. This isn't a pure red. By the end of the day, the color had turned to a wine color, not unattractive but unwanted. I'm not too concerned about the branches and buds, as it is currently being encroached by its nearby sibling. That is also the cause for the slow increase (I hope, as both parents increase well), 2 fans in three years. As I am clearing out the 2010 bed later in the summer/fall, I'm hoping to give this one more space. I have high hopes for the breeding potential of this one color wise.
This is later that day, demonstrating how it fades to a wine-pink color.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Cape Bed

This bed is at my house down on Cape Cod. It first came into existence last year, but was soon over run with the grass because it had no edging. My father and I put this wood around it and I mulched the bed. This bed has some registered varieties, but those will be dispersed throughout the property when we have the back yard fixed up. This bed's main focus is to see how my seedlings do in sandy soil and to increase them so that I have enough for registration, and maybe introduction.


24'', E, 4'', NearWhite self w/ green throat, dorm., Dip, 4+ branches, fragrant, diurnal, 16 buds
(A Small Multitude * Swiss Diplomat)

One of my favorites from this year of seedlings. The only thing that I don't like is the height. If I could get a flower like this with a scape of three feet, that would be nice. Mike's breeding is excellent for cleaning up colors and bringing in great plant habits. AMAZINGLY branched!! This year (2015), there was one very strange scape that had about 7 branches. I also noticed this year that it starts the season out with dark scales, but they fade after a while. Either way, this should be an interesting cultivar to breed with if one wants dark scapes.
6:30 in the morning:
6:30 in the evening: