Wednesday, August 6, 2014


30'' EM 4'' SalmonPink with Yellow to Green Throat Dor Dip 2 Branches 10 Buds
(Sugar Candy * Helicopter)

Not very excited about the branching and bud count but the scapes are very slender and graceful. However, they're almost too slender and they bend mildly when flowering. I'll see how it performs next year in terms of scape bending. In 2014 there were 6 pods on one scape and it bent terribly and, alas, I forgot what it looked like with just a blossom open and no pods. Love the color and it is heavily diamond dusted. Fast increase and good foliage. Has the delicateness of a wedding.

Highlighted in this photo is the light yellow halo that surrounds the throat. If you click to see the full photo, you'll also see the diamond dusting.