Wednesday, December 27, 2017


23", M, 4.5", Yellow Orange Peach Polychrome with Small Green Throat, Tetraploid, 4 br., 35+ buds

I've loved this seedling since its first bloom. I had already had high hopes as it was the only one of the cross that has dormant foliage, which, while I've heard has no bearing on its hardiness, does make the plant more attractive in the spring. Then, I saw the scape slowly develop buds and then some more buds, along with great branching, and I hoped for a beauty. And a beauty I got! One perceived flaw thus far is that it is too short for my taste, but, as this is its first year in bloom, it could always grow taller with maturity. I also found that, while the branching may look good on paper, it just didn't cut it for the amount of buds that the plant had. As the bloom season, AR14AR.41 would frequently have 3 or 4 blooms open per day. One can imagine that crowding ensued:

Here's a close up of its edge:

Nowhere near teeth, the ultimate goal, but it has great bud count that can be crossed into those lines. Too often people sacrifice plant habit for the sake of a flower's beauty, and why do that when you can have both, just with a little more work. During the day, the yellow fades and leaves a peach tone more prominent in the bloom:

I took the above photo with my iPhone 6, and it is my recollection that the coloring is a tad over-exaggerated. 

I think that there's a lot of ways that I can take this one, as evidenced by the amount of seeds that I produced with it this past season. Some new tet pollen I acquired from Lori Jones this past summer (but past bloom here) will surely find its way on AR14AR.41 next summer!