Tuesday, February 10, 2015


29'', 3'', Magenta w/ yellow to green throat, dormant, diploid, fragrant, 4 way branching 19 buds
(Sugar Candy * Vanilla Gorilla)

This really is a standout over all the others of this cross. It has around twenty buds and the scapes are nice and strong. Already has a clump! Like many darker colored flowers, it does slick mildly, so I'm trying to cross it with more sunfast cultivars. My goal in this cross was to create a clear colored pink unusual form. I didn't get this with any of the seedlings of this cross but this one, which had the best plant habit, was back-crossed with Vanilla Gorilla in order to achieve this. Since I was so impressed with the branching, I crossed this with 'Peak Experience' an amazingly tall and well-branched plant (I highly recommend it!) from Margo Reed. This flower has another form which I think to be old-fashioned and unattractive:
Also, not so seen on the pictures that I have provided, sometimes AR10AR.51 has a white edge. I think that this is attractive and I plan to cross it with a white-edged unusual form (again, drawing from the hope that the unusual form gene is dormant) like 'Santa's Pants'.


28'', M, 4'', yellow self w/ green throat, tet, 1 branch, 13 buds
(Summertime Splendor * Forestlake Ragamuffin)
I was going for teeth and I got them, sort of. While some blooms show clear signs of teeth, others are merely toothy ruffles. Also interesting is the little dents in the petals. Not exactly my favorite. It looks like tracts made in the dirt by the wheels of a tractor and I don't find this attractive. I saved this one because of the promise of teeth that it gave me and I hope that its offspring will not have this dented feature.