Tuesday, July 22, 2014


32'', M, 4.5'', orange polychrome w/ lighter midribs, Tet, 3 branches, 10 buds
(Tangerine Horses * Forestlake Ragamuffin)

The standout of this cross. The bud count is lower than I would like, but it preforms well compared to the other pathetic, washed, poor opening seedlings of this cross. It really does glow, and can be spotted from across the garden. More ruffling than teeth, but I crossed it with 'Vampire Fish' a couple of days ago and the pollen took! Has great potential for my still-small tetraploid teeth program. Although I realize that I'll never achieve any ''breakthroughs," I would rather create my own plants with teeth than pay the outrageous prices that daylilies with teeth have.

2014 was the 2nd year it bloomed, and look at the teeth! They're nowhere close to the teeth coming out of Ohio, but it certainly is a start. In my mind, there is a such thing as too much teeth, and some dayliles could certainly use a less. The plant also increased and looked wonderful in a small clump.

Below is a photo taken at around 6:20 in the evening. You can see that the color has faded. I don't see this as a flaw. It still looks wonderful and tones of pink are now more visible. 
Here it glows on an overcast morning: 
Here's another. Notice the teeth to the left:

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